Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts for the eleventh day of August.

-Don't you hate it when you take a dark colored nail polish off in a hurry and are left with nasty stained finger nails and pink yuckiness around your nail bed? My finger nails are tinted a lovely shade of pink that is reminiscent of a pink stained tongue after eating too many hot tamales. Yeah, that's a weird analogy.

-I think I may officially be going blind. I'm sitting with face about two feet (maybe one and a half) away from the computer monitor and these words are just barely legible. I'm typing this solely on my ability to type without looking. Which I learned my senior year of high school. Kinda late. I finally had to take typing my senior year because I finished all my science credits and they wouldn't let me take three history classes. So I signed up for typing. I actually really liked it. It didn't feel like a school course. Just felt like I was typing for a hour straight. Took me about half the school year before I could do it without looking and now six and a half years in a clerical's paid off.

(possibly in my future)

So, yeah, I can't see clear detail past a two feet in front of my face. Go ahead and get in the car with me. I dare ya.

-Pinterest might be my downfall. It's the equivalent of buying craft supplies when an idea hits you. You collect things and then file them away in the craft room and when you go to clean one day, you're suddenly asking yourself, "Why do I have three rolls of magenta ribbon? I don't really like this color."
Pinterest is starting to look like that. Pinning left and right all these ideas that you may never have the time to complete. And one day down the road you'll look back and say, "Why do I have so many pictures of embroidery hoops?" **

**Side note: I've been on pinterest almost two months and have saved several pictures of fabric covered embroidery hoops in hopes of doing a display on a wall that I may or may not one day own. You'd think one pic would be enough to spark my memory of doing this one day.

-I'm hunting for a chocolate/espresso brown bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding for a friend. To lose weight or to not lose weight? That is the question.

-I'm turning 26 next week. That is all.

-Finished The Help. Excellent book if you have not read it. My book club is heading off to see it this weekend some time.
We're reading a Philippa Gregory book now. The White Queen

I'm having a harder time than usual reading this. I usually love Philippa Gregory and have read so many of her other books. It's probably that I just don't know this particular part of history so it's harder to get into. I've heard from the people on Goodreads that it's excellent actually, so I will sojourn on.

-I want to get a dog. And this is the kind:

Schnauzer's are adorable and smart and great with kids (which will come one day).

Just a random brain dump. Birthday gifts for now two friends will be finished by the weekend. One will go in the mail and the other will be delivered in person to her fete on Saturday.
I'll show pictures of them when I know said long distance friend receives them so she'll be left in suspense. Mwahahaha!!


JLR22 said...

So funny about Pinterest. I sometimes go through my boards and brutally purge them. I say to myself, will I actually learn to crochet these adorable animals? Then I remember I knit and have never crocheted a day in my life. Gone go all the crocheted bunnies! I'm trying to become more selective because it's a pain to delete or edit your pins!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Love pinterest! I don't care if I have so many pins i couldn't possibly do them all! It makes me happy to look at all the wonderful projects, and I get inspired to do what I want to do, which doesn't necessarily have to be anything I've pinned! Have a great weekend! Patsy from