Friday, August 12, 2011

New spin on the friendship bracelet

I found these wonderful bracelet tutorials on the blog Honestly WTF. If you've never been to that blog check it out. They are some talented ladies.

Here is my version of one of their friendship bracelets that they themselves say is a knock off of a bracelet they saw in a magazine. It's not my original design, but I did tweak it a bit.

I love the look of this one and the simplicity. Start to finish it takes less than ten minutes.

-leather cord
-embroidery thread in two colors (your choice!)
-diamante chain

Here is the tutorial from the Honestly WTF website. It's pretty detailed and they have great pictures.

My only changes are that I chose embroidery thread doubled up instead of the hemp thread in the picture.

I love the fun tie-dyed-esque look. Plus, you can make one to go with every outfit.

I made these for a friend's birthday. Which she will receive at her birthday party tomorrow!! :)

Just a few pics of some key points.

How to start:

Wrap the thread around the chain. I do it twice to cover and make the color pop!

I tied a knot at the end to finish it.

I'll be linking to the parties on the right.

Have a great weekend!!


southernscraps said...

Love these. I've saved that same tutorial to try. Yours turned out great.

Liz said...


rickimoo said...

It's hard to get those beads started on top of the cording! Everything keeps wanting to shift on me. But I am sticking to it. I to saw that tut on WTF and wanted to try it. Yours turned out very cute.

katy said...

These are too cute!

Kimberly said...

Very cute! My daughters will LOVE making these for their friends. Thanks!

Desperate Houselife said...

Love this and pinning it! I am also a new follower, love the blog! Come visit me sometime :)

Kelly H said...

@rickimoo-I totally understand what you mean. I feel like I need a third hand to hold it all together. You may try a piece of scotch tape. Just to hold it in place while you start.
That could help.

Thanks for all the great comments. If you try your own version let me see a pic!

Beverly @ said...

Kelly - LOVE your adorable Friendship Bracelets! The bling is so cute! You were the most clicked link last week at Think Pink Sundays - featured you tonight! :)

Betsy J said...

Holy cow, these are gorgeous!!!! Great job!!